Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ski Gürten

You will hate living here if you hate the Winter. And you will really hate the Winter if you don't ski. We don't ski, mostly because the inertia of getting so many kids moved early enough to go skiing is nearly impossible. Also, skiing for so many kids is also a very expensive proposition.

In January, while I was in Northern Virginia on a business trip, Stacy took the kids skiing at the local hill here, called Gürten. They have a very small ski lift (more like a T bar), that is just right for kids. Along with a very affordable ski rental, the younger 3 kids got a day with a very gentle sloping bunny hill, quite appropriate for the beginner. Since I wasn't there, I can't really give a lot of details, outside of the following bullet items:
  1. Joey was not interested in skiing at first
  2. Cecilia did very well
  3. Josh did all-right
  4. Joey finally got the courage to put back on the skis after watching his brother and sister successfully getting down the hill
  5. Jake stayed at home, since the age limit on this hill is 8. (and technically Cecilia wasn't allowed to ski here either, but she got away with it)
For more details, you'll have to discern them from the slideshow, or you'll have to ask Stacy.

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