Sunday, February 22, 2009

October Trip to London

I had a 2 week trip to London that I didn't know about until the weekend beforehand (short plans) Luckily, the kids had off school this week anyway, so Stacy considered the financial implications of joining me on this trip to London.

"Beware, I never get any personal time on these trips at all" "You may not see me more than 10 minutes at a time" "Beware, I usually work 14 hour days on these trips"

No matter. She had her plans anyway, that did not necessarily involve me being around.

We flew out of Geneva to London City airport, which is incredibly convenient. We took a taxi cab to our hotel, which we knew wasn't in the best part of town, but not the worst part of town either, London Limehouse. For the short cab ride the cabby charged us FIFTY POUNDS! What robbery! Now that I know London better, it would have been far more economical to put the kids on the light rail, that drops us off not more than a block from the hotel. Oh well.

I met with the one co-worker who was on this trip with me, Tim; a Limey ex-pat living in Northern Virginia, and works in the Dulles office, where I used to work in VA. We met at Picadilly Circus, and had dinner in some American restaurant chain that I don't remember the name of. TGI Friday's ? Aw heck I don't remember.

Anyway, since the vacation was Stacy's, and I was in a data center busy the whole time, you'll have to see the pictures for yourself; I can't add much more to the dialog.

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