Tuesday, February 5, 2008

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This is kind of Interesting. Since I'm a member of the Civil Air Patrol, although I don't ever do any search and rescue operations, especially now that I'm here in Switzerland. This article in Air & Space Magazine describes the search for Steve Fossett.

I have recently found the FAIL blog to be worthy of repeated visits. . I also find daily amusement with the Shipment Of Fail. "A Fail so Epic, it is a Win!!!"

Speaking of Fail, I found this web clip which seems to reinforce the idea that Europeans have -- think that Americans are dumb. After seeing this video, I have to agree. http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZaN6Rx8X6_I

A friend sent me this video commemorating the 25 Years of DNS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqHcrZKc-jU

All of my fellow Ex-pat co-workers have made it back to the US for a visit, and they all crow about how great the Mexican food is. There is a Mexican restaurant in Geneva I might make a trip to visit -- to see if it might help out that craving for a burrito that won't go away. Still no Taco Bells, Baja Fresh or Chipotle here in Europe from what I can tell.

I have recently been on a mission to get caught up with old high school, college friends and co-workers. I have rapidly expanded my LinkedIn profile, to help keep in touch. If anybody ever did a Google search for me, I would be pretty easy to find. The fact that I don't get a lot of random emails from friends probably means that people aren't thinking enough about me to bother doing a Google search. (I guess I should take the hint?) Anyway, I was recently looking to get in touch with a high school friend named Henry, with whom I had kept loose contact, the last I had heard from him in 2003. Well, unfortunately, he was killed in a tragic car crash last week.

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Cat said...

Dear, there are no Baja Fresh's in Charlotte either, for which I am deeply sad. Moe's and the other mexican places stink.

Sorry to hear about your friend. It always hits hard to find that stuff out.