Monday, February 4, 2008

Neat Day at Work

I was originally going to title this as "Hoo-ray! We Didn't Melt the Internet!" but I think some people at my office wouldn't find that so funny.

Did you notice?

Hey I actually helped make a part of this historic occasion! I work with the team that activated two of the root servers mentioned in this article on BBC. Actually, in the wee hours of this morning, I was doing lots of work on the servers, even before the world knew about them. I'm waiting for Slashdot to write about it, but it would appear that they're too focused on the RIAA actually notice. (I'm listed in this one)

I don't generally like to write about work on the blog, I try to keep it to personal matters. So. Sorry for the diversion.


gkrall said...

Piet: Hey I had no idea you moved! Just subscribed to your blog my "Verisign" search string picked you up.

Can't wait to read more as it sounds like you're doing well.

And oh by the way - glad you did not screw up...:-P

Robert said...

Congratulations, Piet; that is exciting news. Now, if only my friends were more impressed when I told them I know a guy who once uttered the phrase "Just to be sure I ran a tcpdump on . ."