Sunday, July 15, 2012

Naked Foot 5K

I did a 5k race last month, and got interviewed by a writer for the Washington Post.  My interview actually made it into the article he wrote! (Even though he spelled my name incorrectly).

"Pietr [sic] Barber of South Riding has run hundreds of miles completely barefoot, donning minimalist shoes only in winter. He likes to run in the rain, without shoes to get wet and heavy.His running posture has improved dramatically. 
The key is “learning to land softly,” he tells me. “The whole body has to be doing everything right to run barefoot.”
I did mention, while getting interviewed, that I ran the Marine Corps Historic Half-Marathon completely barefoot.   But I guess that didn't make it to the article.  

I suppose I should blog about that. 

My barefoot mileage to date is around 360 miles this year. Total mileage for 2012 so far is 590 miles. 

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