Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Google Apps Transition

When we decided to move to Switzerland, the way I manage my computers and Internet access had to change.  Beforehand, all of the servers for pietbarber.com were served out of a puny linux laptop that I had running on my DSL line here at home.  The connectivity was terrible, and when I played online, I suffered lag each time somebody downloaded a document or something.  It was just awful.

I am a Linux administrator by day at work, and doing new and neat things with computers is what we nerds crave.  But as we were moving out of the house to a new adventure in Switzerland, keeping a bunch of dusty computers here in the basement just wasn't going to work out.

I discovered Google Apps, where they allowed the whole family to get a GMAIL account, and I could administer everything for everybody.  Since I was already a Picasa user, this was a great convenience.  I later created a blog, made the website online with Google Apps, and everything was really running swimmingly.

Well, very recently, Google changed some stuff around recently, where my Google Apps account, which made it so that I had to log into two different places to view my mail and to read my news groups.  This kind of sucked.  Also, because of the recent changes to Google Apps, I wasn't able to read email and update the blog (not that I do that very often), or be logged into my YouTube account at the same time.

Well for lots of complicated reasons that I don't really want to get into, this is why the Piet Barber blog moved from pietbarber.blogspot.com to blog.pietbarber.com.  I also am going to have to make some adjustments to my Picasa account, too; and I hope that won't be to disruptive to the links to pictures that I have out there.

The good news is that Blogger (the software that I use to maintain this blog) made it very easy to export my old blog (at http://pietbarber.blogspot.com/) and re-import it, including comments, links, pictures, and everything to the new blog (now at http://blog.pietbarber.com).   Well, easy for a nerd like me to figure out. Maybe not easy for a non-computer expert to figure out. :)

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