Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Switzerland, Epilogue

It's been almost a year since my last post. I started to fall behind, and got to the point that I was so far behind that it would take too long to catch up. To fill the gap of the need to blog, my Facebook account has done a very good job of micro-blogging instead of this site.

So let's get the basic details out of the way:
  1. Stacy announced that her chronic injury -- her shoulder and elbow -- were hurting so much, the treatment for which was long, drawn out and complicated. She also announced that the only viable way to get a reasonable chance of healing was to leave Switzerland early, and return to the United States. She left me alone on the 16th of April 2009. I wasn't entirely alone; I still lived with the two rabbits for most of the remainder of my stay. I could have returned to the States earlier, but was planning on a vacation in Saanen; and really counting on it!
  2. All of the furniture got moved out of our house in Rüfenacht the day after Stacy flew out of Zürich. I was left with a skeleton crew of basic food supplies, Joey's bed, my camping supplies, my computer desk, my computer, and all of my clothes. The furniture that was moved out was a part of the sea shipment that took 12 weeks or more to return to the US.
  3. The only bedsheets that fit Joey's bed were zoo animals and toy cars. It was kind of humiliating, but since there was no furniture in the house, I couldn't really host any guests anyway. (Would you like to sit on the floor?)

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