Friday, March 20, 2009


In a Swissy place far, far away
It is permitted and OK
to open your beercan wide
to enjoy and drink it ... OUTSIDE

Its a funny thing you see
In our homeland of the "free",
Inside and hidden, your beer must ever be
Public drinking not allowed -- It's policy!

So on the beerwalk we begin.
A half hour's walk to get thin.
While drinking all the while
Staying buzzed, that's the style!

As we near the halfway point, over 2 kilo-meters
We finish off our first one; that's 50 centi-liters!
Into the convenience store for a jiffy resupply
Beer is so cheap here, maybe even I will buy!

Halfway through the trip, the jokes get even better
Talking, drinking, loving this nice spring weather
We speak and chat and gossip about a friend named Heather

Far from homeland, where everyone fears the booze
We don't even use a paper bag, like those dirty wine-os dudes.

As we turn the corner, nearing the train station,
I look to the clock, and note with consternation,
That we have walked far with too much relaxation
I missed my train, now I must wait, I am never patient.

What should we do, we all concentrate and ponder.
We could drink more beer and maybe even wander.

Where to find cheap beer, we both know where its at
My companions say the COOP

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