Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Look

For the past year, I have subscribe to a friend's pictures and paintings. She is the wife of fellow ex-pat Chris, who works in the office with me. First, let me show you some of the awesome pictures that the two of them paint. Yes, I said PAINT. ...with Brushes... and actual water-color. Even an easel!

Chris and Miz K both subscribe to something called Illustration Friday, where a website they subscribe to asks its patrons to paint something for the subject of the week. Miz K, the artist whose paintings I so thoroughly enjoy, has this strange fascination with squids. To the right, you will find her most recent painting, although not an Illustration Friday submission, a picture of two birds in a tree.

Miz K pointed me out to her father's blog, where she was commissioned to make a painting for her father's website header. I liked the look of it so much, I had to have one for myself!

I commissioned her for a painting, with no price set, "But you can now call yourself a professional artist.", I promised. So in case you are unable to correctly interpret the art, let me help you out. To the left, you will find the perfect representation of me, always away from the family, and off flying. Although I don't fly planes with engines, it is kind of hard to draw a glider and have people not respond with something dumb like "Where's the engine on this plane?"

The next snippet shows Jake (who is now much taller in real life -- he is taller than Stacy now. Anyway, you will find Jake and Cecilia rough-housing with Joshie, who is airborne. If you have ever been over to our house in the evening, you will know that rough-housing is a very important part of our bonding. Each of the kids had their favorite rough-housing game, usually involving throwing the kids onto the bed in one way or another. (This was all a really good work-out for me, too).

Finally, you will find Joey clinging to Mommy's side for attention. Doubtless, there are many days when this is really a perfect description of Stacy's life. Joey is growing up a bit, and not quite as clingy as the last year. However, when he is sick, the clingy-tendencies come back.

You may be wondering, "Why rabbits?", well I suppose Miz K found it appropriate, seeing as we have two pet rabbits who live outside our front door, Buck and Sunny. I think I also remember saying, "I don't like crabs so much, so please don't paint something with crabs. "


Raji said...

Terribly impressed. What do I need to do to get some of my own?

Miz K said...

Awww - thanks for the great write-up, Mister Piet! See ya soon!