Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Favorite Songs

My new favorite song, which is being played in this office over and over again:

Andrew Thompson (the singer) doesn't trust robots. You shouldn't either. Listen to this at least twice, and it will be stuck in your head. I laugh every time I watch this. Maybe this will brighten your day, too.

This next guy, DJ Bobo, is Swiss, and made this song in 2002; which turned out to be too popular in South America. Unfortunately (or thankfully, depending on your point of view), this never made it to the United States. I saw an interview with this DJ yesterday in one of the gratis Swiss newspapers I find on the train, ".ch" (That's pronounced as punkt tsee hah). I enjoy following this guys career in the 'cultural train wreck' sort of way. The kids are starting to sing it at home.
DJ Bobo's Chihuahua

His latest track, "Vampires Alive"... all I can muster to say is, "Ugh."

(Check out the wikipedia article about him. The Cantonese version of Chihuahua is quite amusing, too!)

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