Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Swiss Road Signs

Eureka! I found a list of all the road signs in Switzerland. I had figured out most of these, so I didn't really need to beat myself up about not understanding the signs so much.


Warning Signs

Intersection with Tramway

Traffic Signals

Falling Rocks


Level Crossing with Barrier (Road crosses railway tracks)

Level Crossing with Barrier (Road crosses railway tracks)

Uneven Road

Slippery Road

Right Hand Curve

Left Hand Curve

Bend In Road


Deer Crossing

Livestock Crossing

Children Crossing

Men at Work
Prohibitive Signs

Turn Right Area

Straight Ahead

One Way

End of Build Up

Pass on Righthand Side (Arrow pointing opposite way: Pass on Left)

Stop Junction Ahead

Wait for Counter Traffic


No Turning

No Overtaking

No Entry

No Stopping

No Motor Vehicles

No Parking

Speed Limit

No Trailers
Informative Signs


Parking Disc Zone


End of Motorway


Motor Vehicles Only

No Motor Vehicles

Dead End

Passing Place Road

Bus Lane

Priority Road

End of Priority